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migration from Cisco REM

With Cisco's announcement of the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life for the Cisco Remote Expert Mobile (REM), many are left looking for the perfect replacement, having the same features and functionality as REM while at the same time providing a straightforward migration with as minimum downtime as possible.

You came to the right place! Of course, the perfect replacement would be the product with the same source code and up-to-date version compatibility with the latest browser versions.

Slightly Different Nomenclature

Both CBA Live Assist and Cisco REM are built off of the same source code as the Fusion products, which means product familiarity and interoperability are virtually the same. Being on the same source code also means that both products share the components with just slightly different nomenclature.

The CBA Live Assist is also an updated version of the Cisco REM. The version matrix below shows that the Cisco REM is based from an older version of CBA LA:

The migration path from Cisco REM to CBA Live Assist is done through a parallel approach. The entire CBA Live Assist environment will be built up in parallel to the Cisco infrastructure. Once the environment has been installed, configured, and tested, it will be cut-over during a maintenance window which allows for compatibility testing with other in-situ Cisco infrastructure. During this maintenance window, the system will be unavailable until the new environment is up and running. Furthermore, any SDK developed with Cisco REM SDK will also need to be migrated to CBA Live Assist’s SDK.

For more details, please refer to the documentations available in the CBA Live Assist Portal.

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