2 What is CBA Live Assist?

CBA Live Assist is a software development kit (SDK) product based on the cutting-edge Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) technology. To implement CBA Live Assist, we embed various CBA Live Assist functions, such as voice, video and chat communications, co-browsing, annotation, document push, and form filling, within your system, website and mobile apps. Real-time communication creates brilliant customer experience for corporate service and support.

3 What is CBA’s relationship with CafeX?

CafeX is the original developer of the Fusion Live Assist technology. CBA has been a strategic partner with CafeX over the last 5 years. CBA has provided L2 – L3 support and professional services for CafeX in the APAC region during these last 5 years. Now that CafeX is transitioning focus to developing a new product, CBA will take the lead in the development and support of CBA Live Assist for the Global market.

4 How does CBA Live Assist differ from Cisco’s Remote Expert Mobile?

There are no material differences between the two products. Both of these products have the same features and were built off of the same source code. Both share the same functionality, however REM is now End-of-Sales (EOS) while CBA Live Assist is still available for licensing.

5 Why has Cisco terminated their contract with CafeX?

CafeX and Cisco made a collective decision to end the OEM relationship due to CafeX’s direction towards developing another cloud-based product. CafeX is committed to continuing the support of the base code behind these solutions and has engaged with their trusted partner, CBA to futher develop on the platform as a license of CafeX due to their large pool of developers and expertise in on-premise contact centers.

6 Does CBA Live Assist interoperate well with other Cisco products?

Yes. If the Cisco product worked with Remote Expert Mobile (REM), then CBA Live Assist should work with the same functionality. REM is basically a re-branded version of CBA Live Assist.

7 What SDK’s are available out of the box when I purchase a CBA Live Assist License?

CBA Live Assist provides Android, iOS, Web Consumer, and Web Agent SDKs.
All are customizable.

8 What is “WebRTC”?

WebRTC is an open framework for the web that enables Real Time Communications in the browser. It includes the fundamental building blocks for high-quality communications on the web such as network, audio, and video components used in voice and video chat applications.

The WebRTC is an effort being standardized on an API level at the W3C and the protocol level at the IETF.


9 What browsers does CBA Live Assist co-browse and other features work on?

CBA Live Assist works well on most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge). WebRTC is a widely accepted standard that is built-in to most browsers. However, there is support for non-WebRTC browsers by use of a plug-in.

10 Can I see how CBA Live Assist works and some use-cases?

Yes. Please see this list of YouTube videos that show how CBA Live Assist works and some use-cases:

Use Case: Health Care

Use Case: Insurance

Financial Services

11 Can customers use their own mobile smartphones or tablets with CBA Live Assist?

Yes. CBA Live Assist functions can be built into custom-made mobile applicatioins or a mobile web browser platform such as Chrome.

12 Is your product compatible with iOS and Android?

Yes! Live Assist is compatible with both of these operating systems.

13 Can you send us a diagram that depicts your product’s network architecture?

For more information, Click Here [1]
Click Here [2]

14 What is CBA Live Assist’s licensing model? (Per User or Per Session, etc)

Our licensing model is Per User. Therefore, this will affect the number of concurrent sessions agents engage with CBA Live Assist.

15 Since Cisco’s REM is EOS, can an installation of REM be migrated to CBA Live Assist?

Unfortunately, there is no migration path from REM directly to using CBA Live Assist. A new installation is needed for CBA Live Assist and then services can then be cut-over to existing infrastructure.

16 What server resources are needed to install CBA Live Assist?

CBA Live Assist can be installed on bare-metal or a virtual server running CentOS or another variety of Linux. Specific server resources (CPU, memory, disk capacity, etc) vary depanding on the size of the installation. A sizing tool is available once a reseller agreement is signed.